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Mikokeshis nurture dreams into reality

Who would guess that a fridge could be a teleportation device? Patrica never did until she found herself in Alaska surrounded by glaciers. Fifteen days later, there was news of Patricia on a Brazilian beach, alone, accompanied only by the silent large white kitchen appliance. But none of these mysterious journeys compares with the one we are going to read tonight. Patricia decided to open the fridge again, without having any “place” in mind to travel to. I bet you have never seen, heard or read about something dematerializing and being recreated in a dream. Have you? Today’s episode of transcribed mystery is about just that… what happens when fantastic home appliances are taken lightly!

When I stepped through the fridge I had nothing particular in mind, just a vague recollection of a dream. On the other side I found myself in front of a house on a gray sidewalk in a bustling city. I could hear car horns honking, see the thick layer of gray smog in the air, hear people chatting and children screaming. It was a chaotic city boiling under an incredible warm day. I would guess that the temperature was higher than 32 degrees Celsius. On the doormat of the house there was a newspaper. Looking down, I read the headline announcing “Mikokeshis nurture dreams into reality”. While the headline was unusual, more curious yet was the date on the newspaper, May 1st, 2021, and its masthead, Folha de Sao Paulo.

I was weak from my journey and needed to find a place to rest desperately. I did not know why I ended up in front of that house, what I was doing in Sao Paulo, but I had a odd feeling that I was expected. I knocked on the door and waited. A few minutes passed with no answer and no signs of life. I decided to try again. And again no one answered. Despite not knowing anything about my new “fridge mission”, the situation and the house felt very familiar. I had the uncontrollable impulse to open the door. I pushed it open a crack and peeked into the house…

I could feel the moisture of the forest on the tip of my nose, and recognize the aroma of different species, tropical flowers, delicate woodland wildflowers and the dry fragrance of desert roses. Oh nosy nose that by scent alone was spying inside a stranger’s home… The place smelled like a fantastic garden, full of life, a greenhouse in the middle of a smoggy and dirty metropolis. Before I realized, I was already in the living room and the door closed quietly behind me. Surrounding me was a magical garden surpassing everything my nose was able to guess.

The entire room was more vivid and beautiful than any I had ever seen before. Everything looked magical, dripping with color and twisted in improbable shapes. I walked towards a particularly splendid blossom and lent forward to bury my nose in its fragrance. Looking up, I saw giant painting in a gilded frame. I gazed straight into it and was surprised to see a girl looking back at me; she was equally astonished. As I approached the painting, the girl started walking. When I stopped, she stopped. I reached my hand forward to touch hers and saw that I was looking at myself in a mirror. A living painting of myself! For real! Looking at my hands, my arms, my legs I understood that I was a painting, a walking painting! I started crying of happiness, and my tears were blue like the sky.

Suddenly a door appeared; a door that was not there before. Muffled notes of a girl singing and giggling came from the closed room. The door opened slowly and revealed a girl with brushes in both hands, an apron covered in paint and surrounded by buckets of bright pigments. She looked at me and sweetly smiled. “I am Miki and it is my dream. I guess that I’ve painted you – hihi. I hope you enjoy my world!”, she said.

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I’m sorry I’m late…

Missing you so. How are you doing?

I hope that everything’s all right there :)!

I still can’t put a routine in my daily life as I wish. Besides, taking care of home takes a great part of my day :(! I thought I could live not thinking about the mess around the house, but sometimes I can’t! (In this times is that Sebastiana appears hohoho).

Actually, I am working in a serie of illustrations asked by a close friend of mine, Claudio. He was my very first boss and one of my best friends also. It’s been quite a long time that he is planning to quit his job and begin a solo career. To reach his goal, he began to study to be prepared for his new challenge: he intends to initiate a coach business.

In addition, he is a kind of patron of mine because he is always supporting me not only in my ideas, plannings and projects but also asking me to create a variety of stuffs (and paying me for that ;-)! So, his very new request is a set of eleven illustrations for his new coach business and it is around the theme “saboteur”. He gave me a list of things to be drawn. In this occasion, he didn’t explain it with much details, but another day before he was telling me about the saboteurs in coaching: the saboteur is a circumstance that can’t let you do what you have to do efficiently. Usually, a saboteur is a situation that you can manage yourself but frequently it’s not that easy. An example of a saboteur is procrastination.

Below you can see one of these illustrations (without coloring yet):

So, I am in a hurry ’cause I promisse him to finish this set of illustrations until tomorrow :-s!!!!! But I am appreciating the whole process and loving the draws (hahahahahaha). Today and tomorrow I will redesign some of them and finalizing the process by coloring and applying patterns in Photoshop :)!

I’d also like to tell you that I went to an art exhibition at Masp in the last weekend. It is about Spanish drawings, a collection from Mapfre. I was in love with the work of an artist named Rafael Barradas. I’ve never heard about him and first met him there in this exhibition. There was a serie of drawings named “Las aventuras del diablo“. I was so impressed about how his creations are contemporary! These drawings were about 1915-16 and resembled so much the modern comics… I took a note because I intend to research more about him!

Well, I’m finishing by now! I wish you a wonderful day sunny and full of joy!


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still the fridges!

After disappearing from Patricia’s eyes, the fridges, in a blink, go to a huge and over-sanded marvelously sunny beach. There they are, happy, keeping their sunbathing program.

Outside, a brilliant sun and a hot weather.

Inside, a cool, good and pleasant sensation.

In the other side of the globe, Patricia seems to listen a distant voice calling:

– Patriiiiiiiiiiicia, Patriciiiiiiiiiiiiiia. Aren’t you coming? You know we only exist because of you. Please, close your eyes and… the rest is on us!

But the girl was too busy reading her newspaper and drinking her hot coffee to pay attention to distant and strange voices. She keeps walking in a hurry. Besides, she was a little bit late to an appointment.

The voice doesn’t give up anyway! It is very very very persistent.

– Patricia, hey, Pat! U-huuuuuu! There is a very nice shore waiting for you! And your favorite juice also!

Tired of fighting from this paradise’s vision and still tasting the luscious purple grape in her mouth, she softly close her eyes and – zupt! Here she is in a colorful bikini and with her preferred rubber sandals beside the two brilliant and white refrigerators!

May Patricia dreaming?

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The cycle of ice

Remote. Desolate. Cold. The glacier ice flows, breaks and crashes, connecting the sea to mountain peaks that are looming above. The gray moisture laden sky of Alaska evidences the cycle of ice. Clouds rise from the ocean and are caught by massive mountain peaks. Snow falls year round piling on top of itself and avalanches are unleashed. It starts flowing downhill.

Avalanches slow and layer, create enormous pressure and change the snow into hard pure blue ice. A beautiful blue. Later, this ice moves like a giant frozen river, thousands of feet deep. Glaciers slowly slide downhill, sculpting valleys and fjords. Finally, the ice meets the oceans and breaks apart creating archipelagos of icebergs.

To walk on a glacier was a fascinating experience. Each curve made by ice was special, all those different tones of white and blue taught me a new spectra, the sea and the sky gave me limits… Mountainous and quiet. Man is powerless in the wild.

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Le dernière adieu

It was 8:00 P.M.
While I was waiting for my drawing class I heard a distant ambulance siren.
A little bit loud.
Loud, loud. And then louder.
It passed in front of my window but I didn’t care.
Although it wasn’t so usual, it was not so unusual also.
And so later that night – my drawing class was just in course – I was finally told that that wasn’t an ordinary call…

Now she is dead.
And the lively blossomed ipes cry but also smile kindly raining purple flowers to illuminate the path for her.

R., thanks for everything!

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A cup of coffee

A very hot day
I had never seen a refrigerator on a sidewalk before. To remedy this situation, God prepared a surprise for me and left two brand new fridges on my way to the coffee shop, making sure that I had no reason to complain. It was a very hot day, I understand, but in my world fridges don’t go out for sunbathing, they don’t gossip about their owners while they are away at work, they don’t try to combat global warming, they are just cooling appliances for modern kitchens. Perhaps I was hallucinating, it was warmer than usual, stranger than horror stories with readers waiting for the unexpected.

A big truck was badly parked with all its doors closed and no loading signals flashing. Nobody except me and the two fridges. The city was so quiet that I could hear myself breathing. Besides my own noises, not a sign of a living soul around. There were two penguins on the top of each unit. On both doors, a phrase written with magnetic poetry stated: “We have been waiting for you, Patricia”. The hair on my arms and neck bristled. I checked again to see if there was anyone around and opened one of the doors.

The fridge was working and was packed with exotic and delicious foodstuffs from far-off places, fresh fruits, cold juice, vegetables, chocolate and my favorite brand of cheese! How could it be? I opened the other fridge only to find the same odd situation. I closed the other door and stopped perplexed.

Out of the blue, a man approached and talked to me. I screamed! He asked me for the grapes inside the fridge, “the deep purple seedless and luscious grapes that you like”, as if he knew everything that was in there. I answered that I could not give him any grapes, because they were not mine. He smiled and said that everything was mine and that was the only reason why they existed. He opened the fridge, took a cluster of grapes and gave me one fruit. “Close your eyes and taste it”, he ordered. I obeyed, without questioning. When I opened my eyes, there were no fridges, no man, no truck. Just the taste of grape on my tongue and a drop of juice on my white shirt.

photo by samandbabs

Dogs and owners
I was walking back from the Korean dry cleaner with a hot cup of coffee when I saw two men walking their dogs. Not that I was paying attention (I normally walk with my head on the moon), but the dogs barked at each other and called me into the story. Since I learned that dogs resemble their owners, I cannot help to try to identify the similarities, physical or emotional, when I see them together.

One of the guys had an old black pug, not a brave kind of small dog. The other man had two golden Australian Shepherds (my favorite dogs). The aussies were curious about the pug. The small dog, on the other hand, just happened to be there, happened to be a dog, and was way too tired to try and make friends. He was not afraid, don’t get me wrong, he was just not interested. He looked at those two aussies as if he was looking through them. I’ve never seen anything like that. Then I wondered if that was his owner personality effect; being despondent and indifferent about life.

I realized that the owners never exchanged a single word, no courteousness. They stood staring at their own dogs, waiting for the poor animals to get them out of that awkward situation. The aussies pissed on a nearby tree and left, their owner left behind. Then, the small pug dragged his owner to the tree (the man seemed to be the one controlled by the leash). The pug sniffed the fresh urine and walked away from the marked tree. Once on the middle of the sidewalk, it started peeing, proclaiming that it was from that moment on his path! I passed by at this exact moment and wished good afternoon to the guy. He did not reply, the quiet man looked through me, as if I was invisible. I kept walking, not very worried about the situation. When I reached the corner of the block I looked back. For my surprise, he, the pug’s owner, was pissing in the middle of the street.

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a little rest

rocinante is gonna rest this week!
he promisses he will go back next week.
he wishes everyone good sunny days!
carpe diem!

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Johnny, the box

Once upon a time there was a little box that lived lonely in Seattle. Let’s call him Johnny.

One beautiful morning, little Johnny was still asleep when suddenly he felt a kind of fullness, a heavy sensation. So he woke up and realized that a couple of new friends were living inside him.

They are Billie, the blueberry; Chilli, the cranberry; Crunch, the nut; Dunny, the bunny and Munny, the monkey.

Soon they all became close friends and Johnny didn’t feel lonely anymore.

But what they didn’t know was that Patrishia, a really beautiful girl that had Johnny’s destiny in her hands would send them to an incredible journey!

After a week, they were sent to an airplane trip to Brazil. A loooong month passed by until they could reach their destination. They were all very excited about flying for the first time, but they were very very very bored about waiting for so many days at the ANVISA department =(! Specially Billie, Chilli and Crunch who were really afraid about having to go back to the U.S.!

But, at last, everything was gonna be all right! And after a month and eleven days they finally meet Miki!

Miki was a pretty terrible girl that loves creating stories and characters and dolls and… so many other inventions that we could get dizzy!

She was really amazed with her new friends! She felt a little bit ashamed about eating Billie, Chilli and Crunch, but they smiled to her feeling comfortable on their destiny.

Munny and Dunny soon made new friends at mundomiki and so did Jonnhy!

And now Miki would like to meet Pat the most!

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A Kiss from Klimt


Gustav Klimt, “Ode to Joy – The Kiss for the World”

This week, we are going to talk about Art, more precisely, about painting and illustration! I’ve chosen Gustav Klimt’s works for my article, because his masterpieces are being exhibited in Liverpool, UK, at the Tate Museum. Also, because I like his unique style, which contains drops of an oneiric, exotic and magic elixir.

Klimt paints the exaltation of glory (I would like to write that he paints men’s glorious exuberances, but I am not sure if it makes sense!). A work of virtuosity, in which the artist does not doubt his own vision and style, applying real gilt (a thin layer of gold), coloured glass and mother-of-pearl whenever needed. For Klimt, it is not a matter of using something that was unnecessary and expensive, but using the proper materials for providing the idea of sublimity and splendor.

Above, I found a detail of the painting called “The Kiss for the World”. In the actual painting, the naked couple is surrounded by a choir of “angels” or “people of all nations of Europe”. It is a very powerful idea, beautifully executed.

My two favourite paintings of his are “The Kiss”, 1907, and “The Tree of Life”, 1909. They are delicate and powerful, elegant and magic, earthbound and transcendent, all at the same time. They are Klimt.

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drawings and inspiration

Today I wanna tell you about the last exhibition I have seen and what come after =).

I have a close friend called Fábio (also known as Sassê, maybe you have heard about him, he works with Renatinho). We used to have drawing classes together, but he had to give up in the beginning of 2008… He is very talented and I miss his companion, the possibility of exchange ideas and his sensitive comments about our drawings.

So Fábio was in vacation and he invited me to go to Pinacoteca to see a Japanese prints exhibition. It was an entire event showing Utagawa Hiroshige production about Mount Fuji. He made a set of 36 (!!!) views of Mount Fuji, can you believe it? My first impression was that it could be a boring visit to see 36 views of the same subject, but I was wrong. Well, I think the correct description is that I made a superficial judgement :-). I simply thought that he would paint the mount far or closer, from a left or a right view. I was very innocent (or nasty ;-)!

The views told the life of a village and the Mount Fuji was a part of it, almost always represented as if it was an Entity. Sometimes, you could ever forget about it! There was waves, shores, country workers, beautiful women in typical and luxurious kimonos, weeping willows, blossom trees, horses… an incredible variety of scenes around the theme “Mount Fuji”. Amazing!

We loved it so much that we’d like to return once more with our drawing teacher (his name is David).

But what we didn’t know was that this exhibition would close soon. Another friend of mine has told me the day before the end and, unfortunately, Fábio was traveling and this time he couldn’t come with us. So me and David went to see Hiroshige in the last day.

My teacher has a deep knowledge in Fine Arts and he is also a very humbling person and this is a quality that I really admire. So we became friends not only because of this but also because we have a lot of interests in common. And because he is a very pleasant person.

In this occasion, he teached me that this kind of paintings is called Ukiyo-ê and it has some particularities in comparison with Western prints. The “artist” is the one who makes the drawing. After that, there is a professional called “master-printer” (I don’t know if I can translate like this, the name in Portuguese is mestre gravador). The “master-printer” is responsible to transfer the draw to a wooden matrix and after that there is also another specific person who makes the prints from the matrix. (Fábio has also told me about this process in our first visit to Hiroshige).

David told me that they printed a lot of copies of an engraving and they wrapped porcelains with them o.O. I just could not believe it! Those japanese people are pretty crazy (hihi). I think I have found where my craziness is from =).

Well, after this live class of Japanese prints, in our next meeting, David suggest that I could make some drawings inspired by it. He also took a catalogue of Ikko Tanaka, a very popular Japanese designer.

I have been working in a series of drawings about my beach’s first season before and I think the drawings inspired by the Japanese prints are a natural following from it. I’d like to share this drawings with you, Pat!

geisha, japonesaria 1/2

Originally uploaded by miki w.

Hope you enjoy.
Love, Miki

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