Posted by: miki | May 21, 2008

being an only daughter X creating character-dolls

I was thinking about your question: if being an only daughter had a connection with start creating dolls… I realized that the answer for this question was not simply “yes” or “no”. So I decided to write about it as my weekly activity today.

I was a very shy little girl and did not have much friends nor in my childhood neither when I was a teenager. Despite of it, I don’t think I was bored or felt alone. I guess I always like to entertain myself. I’ve never looked at it by this angle, but I’m almost sure that I did not have any problem in playing alone. I mean, if there wasn’t other choice, I simply found a way to play alone. And it would be funny.

Since I was a little girl, I’d like to construct things using my hands. I can remember the “dolls” and “robots” that I’ve made once using some refused vegetables I’ve picked at the fair (it would be better if I say “creatures” hohoho). Or a plenty of miniatures I’d love constructing: mini-notebooks, mini-briefcases, mini-pencils with their case and much more objects! A crazy girl, huh?

Once I’ve asked for my mother buying me a book that taught children to construct their own toys. I found it in a catalog from “Ediouro’s Publishers”. I made so many toys using this precious book! Eventually, I still have this book with me. I’m very happy because it holds an important place in my life and, nowadays, also in my little library!

So the answer is: yes, being an only daughter had a certain connection with my character-dolls’ project. Well, at least a piece of it =)! What I mean is: this project has many connections with the entire story of my life (but this is a post for another day =).

I think that being an only daughter maybe have determined in the past certain characteristics and behaviours that made me being the way I am. And those characteristics and behaviours have guided me follow this or that path. And certain aspects in this or that path which were pretty important to me have been carried to my project.


  1. Dear Miki,

    I was reading Bradbury last night and his first essay is about childhood, dreams, beliefs and how everything directed him to become an artist. I want to share his words with you and will do it during the weekend.

    Your article this week has a feeling of interview, an asynchronous talk where we are exploring together our creative sources and muses. đŸ™‚ I loved it.

    I will write more soon.
    I am thinking of you. xx,


    PS: I loved your reply about running, Tung, Safiri and writing (previous post) – and am sorry for my tardiness in commenting it.

  2. Pat, it really looks like an interview, doesn’t it?

    I think I ran away from the proposal of our activity =)! (bad girl!!!)

    But I bought last week a Japanese Garden book for my mikokeshi’s researches. I’ve began to read (slooooowly hihihi) and I intend to write something about it this week!

    I’m happy you liked my reply! I was very inspired ^.^ hoho.

    Bisous and have a nice week!
    See you @ twitter hihi.

    Love, Miki

  3. Dear Miki,

    There are no rules so you could not have broken any. ^^ The only purpose of this blog is to write and you are doing it beautifully. ^.^

    I can imagine you as a little toy inventor, making miniatures and vegetable-monsters! What is the title of the book your mother gave you?

    Regarding your last sentence, Bradbury would say that you had your little list which led you into Mars.



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