Posted by: miki | May 27, 2008

haruki, would you like to come home with me?

It was seven o’clock when the telephone rang.

– Hello?

– Hello, Miki?

– Yes, this is Miki.

– Miki, I’m calling to tell you that we found Haruki a little bit lost in the bookstore! You can come tomorrow whenever you want. He will be waiting for you.

I couldn’t stop thinking that I was waiting for him and he was waiting for me. For so long time.

In the next morning, I chose a special look, a “look to meet Haruki” and went to the bookstore.

I went up the large stairs and came in the beautiful bookstore. I stared at the sliding door looking for him. After few minutes, I saw him sat at the dino’s place reading a book, obviously. The dino’s place was a magical corner where kids can play, read and leaf through books. Where else Haruki could be?

I walked slowly to him, a smile in my face. I did not feel uncomfortable neither nervous. I sat beside him.

– Hi, Haruki. I dare to think you are waiting for me.

He answered nothing but smiled.

– It could seem a little hasty, but… I came just to ask if you would like to come home with me. Sorry I can’t speak much Japanese… I live at mundomiki. In mundomiki you will meet extraordinary creatures and stories. I think… you could appreciate it! That’s why I finally decided to come.

– And… there is one more thing… The night before last… I dreamt that I was dreaming Nakata’s dream. I can’t remember what was the dream about, but I remember clearly that it was like if I was dreaming as Nakata, I mean, in his place…


– Haruki wants to go with you.

And so we both left the bookstore walking calmly down Paulista avenue.



  1. Dear Miki,

    First of all, please accept my apology for not writing last week. I had to put my contribution off due to a new request from Amsterdam (and a problem we had with a core template).

    I was happy to read about your encounter with Murakami. In spite of the fact that he did not speak a lot, he seems to be an interesting character. Above all, Murakami is an elegant man, who knows how to contemplate the simplest moments in life, pondering his actions and words thoroughly.

    So, you have been dreaming Nakata’s dream!! I fell for Nakata when I read “Kafka on the Shore”. His wisdom, naivety and pure heart were high points of the book. His way of approaching different situations without formed ideas or prompt answers, his open mind and calm manner. Thanks to Murakami, I could meet Nakata. Thanks to Nakata, I could learn about eel donbury (which also became a favorite dish of mine)!

    Your English is perfect, Miki. I really liked the way you described your ‘contact’ with Murakami, who was waiting for you at the bookstore. I hope you had a wonderful time back home.

    Have a great week, Miki. See you online.



    PS: #diary pakalil – I forgot to mention, but we received some friends at home last week. Tashin went to college with Laurent and his father is an American Indian storyteller. His father’s name is Manitonquat, which means Medicine Story. Frieda is a German girl and she is going back to Berlin next month. They arrived in Seattle on Wednesday and left last night!! We had a good time together. 🙂

  2. Dear Miki,

    Please, click here to hear an interview with Tashin’s father:



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