Posted by: miki | June 5, 2008

soupe à l’oignon

So, at last I could stop and write here a little bit! Sorry for not coming yesterday!

Today I would like to share with you that the day before yesterday I finally made Laurent’s soupe à l’oignon! And… it was superb, delicious, I loved it!

The onions did not really get carameled (or, at least, the way I thought they would caramelized =D hoho), but I fried them in abundant butter for long 50 minutes :-D! And, yes, Laurent was pretty right! This made all the diference in the world!

Unfortunatelly I didn’t have the thyme to make a bouquet garni, so I improvised with a bay leaf and parsley only, but it works perfectly!

I was very surprised by the quantity of onion on my pan hihi. They filled it till the border! But, in the end of frying process, it remains only a quarter of the inicial volume. And they are so beautifully browned! And how about the perfume?

Pat, thanks for sharing this marvelous recipe with me! Please tell Laurent I’m very grateful for his (and your, of course) kindness :-).

But the point is: from now on, no other recipe will be good enough … =).

Would you mind if I post the recipe (with the credits, of course) in my foodblog?


  1. Oh-la-la, ma chérie!! It looks delicious and tasty. O, o, the perfume, I wish I could smell that. Of course you can share the recipe! Laurent will be flattered 😉
    Bonne nuit!

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