Posted by: miki | June 13, 2008

Johnny, the box

Once upon a time there was a little box that lived lonely in Seattle. Let’s call him Johnny.

One beautiful morning, little Johnny was still asleep when suddenly he felt a kind of fullness, a heavy sensation. So he woke up and realized that a couple of new friends were living inside him.

They are Billie, the blueberry; Chilli, the cranberry; Crunch, the nut; Dunny, the bunny and Munny, the monkey.

Soon they all became close friends and Johnny didn’t feel lonely anymore.

But what they didn’t know was that Patrishia, a really beautiful girl that had Johnny’s destiny in her hands would send them to an incredible journey!

After a week, they were sent to an airplane trip to Brazil. A loooong month passed by until they could reach their destination. They were all very excited about flying for the first time, but they were very very very bored about waiting for so many days at the ANVISA department =(! Specially Billie, Chilli and Crunch who were really afraid about having to go back to the U.S.!

But, at last, everything was gonna be all right! And after a month and eleven days they finally meet Miki!

Miki was a pretty terrible girl that loves creating stories and characters and dolls and… so many other inventions that we could get dizzy!

She was really amazed with her new friends! She felt a little bit ashamed about eating Billie, Chilli and Crunch, but they smiled to her feeling comfortable on their destiny.

Munny and Dunny soon made new friends at mundomiki and so did Jonnhy!

And now Miki would like to meet Pat the most!


  1. hihi!!!! they arrived safely!! đŸ™‚ I am happy, happy with you, happy with our friend the postman, happy with our Brazilian customs… happy as a clam (I’ve never thought about how happy a clam could be before learning this expression, but now I understand their joy)!!
    Billie, the blueberry; Chilli, the cranberry; Crunch, the nut; Dunny, the bunny and Munny, the monkey!!! :))))***

  2. Hihihi, did you like the names, Pat?

    When you said “happy as a clam” I imagine a clam clapping its “hands”, i.e., each part of its shell as if I am watching a cartoon =D hoho.

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