Posted by: pakalil | June 25, 2008

A cup of coffee

A very hot day
I had never seen a refrigerator on a sidewalk before. To remedy this situation, God prepared a surprise for me and left two brand new fridges on my way to the coffee shop, making sure that I had no reason to complain. It was a very hot day, I understand, but in my world fridges don’t go out for sunbathing, they don’t gossip about their owners while they are away at work, they don’t try to combat global warming, they are just cooling appliances for modern kitchens. Perhaps I was hallucinating, it was warmer than usual, stranger than horror stories with readers waiting for the unexpected.

A big truck was badly parked with all its doors closed and no loading signals flashing. Nobody except me and the two fridges. The city was so quiet that I could hear myself breathing. Besides my own noises, not a sign of a living soul around. There were two penguins on the top of each unit. On both doors, a phrase written with magnetic poetry stated: “We have been waiting for you, Patricia”. The hair on my arms and neck bristled. I checked again to see if there was anyone around and opened one of the doors.

The fridge was working and was packed with exotic and delicious foodstuffs from far-off places, fresh fruits, cold juice, vegetables, chocolate and my favorite brand of cheese! How could it be? I opened the other fridge only to find the same odd situation. I closed the other door and stopped perplexed.

Out of the blue, a man approached and talked to me. I screamed! He asked me for the grapes inside the fridge, “the deep purple seedless and luscious grapes that you like”, as if he knew everything that was in there. I answered that I could not give him any grapes, because they were not mine. He smiled and said that everything was mine and that was the only reason why they existed. He opened the fridge, took a cluster of grapes and gave me one fruit. “Close your eyes and taste it”, he ordered. I obeyed, without questioning. When I opened my eyes, there were no fridges, no man, no truck. Just the taste of grape on my tongue and a drop of juice on my white shirt.

photo by samandbabs

Dogs and owners
I was walking back from the Korean dry cleaner with a hot cup of coffee when I saw two men walking their dogs. Not that I was paying attention (I normally walk with my head on the moon), but the dogs barked at each other and called me into the story. Since I learned that dogs resemble their owners, I cannot help to try to identify the similarities, physical or emotional, when I see them together.

One of the guys had an old black pug, not a brave kind of small dog. The other man had two golden Australian Shepherds (my favorite dogs). The aussies were curious about the pug. The small dog, on the other hand, just happened to be there, happened to be a dog, and was way too tired to try and make friends. He was not afraid, don’t get me wrong, he was just not interested. He looked at those two aussies as if he was looking through them. I’ve never seen anything like that. Then I wondered if that was his owner personality effect; being despondent and indifferent about life.

I realized that the owners never exchanged a single word, no courteousness. They stood staring at their own dogs, waiting for the poor animals to get them out of that awkward situation. The aussies pissed on a nearby tree and left, their owner left behind. Then, the small pug dragged his owner to the tree (the man seemed to be the one controlled by the leash). The pug sniffed the fresh urine and walked away from the marked tree. Once on the middle of the sidewalk, it started peeing, proclaiming that it was from that moment on his path! I passed by at this exact moment and wished good afternoon to the guy. He did not reply, the quiet man looked through me, as if I was invisible. I kept walking, not very worried about the situation. When I reached the corner of the block I looked back. For my surprise, he, the pug’s owner, was pissing in the middle of the street.


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