Posted by: pakalil | July 9, 2008

The cycle of ice

Remote. Desolate. Cold. The glacier ice flows, breaks and crashes, connecting the sea to mountain peaks that are looming above. The gray moisture laden sky of Alaska evidences the cycle of ice. Clouds rise from the ocean and are caught by massive mountain peaks. Snow falls year round piling on top of itself and avalanches are unleashed. It starts flowing downhill.

Avalanches slow and layer, create enormous pressure and change the snow into hard pure blue ice. A beautiful blue. Later, this ice moves like a giant frozen river, thousands of feet deep. Glaciers slowly slide downhill, sculpting valleys and fjords. Finally, the ice meets the oceans and breaks apart creating archipelagos of icebergs.

To walk on a glacier was a fascinating experience. Each curve made by ice was special, all those different tones of white and blue taught me a new spectra, the sea and the sky gave me limits… Mountainous and quiet. Man is powerless in the wild.


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