Posted by: miki | July 16, 2008

still the fridges!

After disappearing from Patricia’s eyes, the fridges, in a blink, go to a huge and over-sanded marvelously sunny beach. There they are, happy, keeping their sunbathing program.

Outside, a brilliant sun and a hot weather.

Inside, a cool, good and pleasant sensation.

In the other side of the globe, Patricia seems to listen a distant voice calling:

– Patriiiiiiiiiiicia, Patriciiiiiiiiiiiiiia. Aren’t you coming? You know we only exist because of you. Please, close your eyes and… the rest is on us!

But the girl was too busy reading her newspaper and drinking her hot coffee to pay attention to distant and strange voices. She keeps walking in a hurry. Besides, she was a little bit late to an appointment.

The voice doesn’t give up anyway! It is very very very persistent.

– Patricia, hey, Pat! U-huuuuuu! There is a very nice shore waiting for you! And your favorite juice also!

Tired of fighting from this paradise’s vision and still tasting the luscious purple grape in her mouth, she softly close her eyes and – zupt! Here she is in a colorful bikini and with her preferred rubber sandals beside the two brilliant and white refrigerators!

May Patricia dreaming?

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