Posted by: miki | July 24, 2008

I’m sorry I’m late…

Missing you so. How are you doing?

I hope that everything’s all right there :)!

I still can’t put a routine in my daily life as I wish. Besides, taking care of home takes a great part of my day :(! I thought I could live not thinking about the mess around the house, but sometimes I can’t! (In this times is that Sebastiana appears hohoho).

Actually, I am working in a serie of illustrations asked by a close friend of mine, Claudio. He was my very first boss and one of my best friends also. It’s been quite a long time that he is planning to quit his job and begin a solo career. To reach his goal, he began to study to be prepared for his new challenge: he intends to initiate a coach business.

In addition, he is a kind of patron of mine because he is always supporting me not only in my ideas, plannings and projects but also asking me to create a variety of stuffs (and paying me for that ;-)! So, his very new request is a set of eleven illustrations for his new coach business and it is around the theme “saboteur”. He gave me a list of things to be drawn. In this occasion, he didn’t explain it with much details, but another day before he was telling me about the saboteurs in coaching: the saboteur is a circumstance that can’t let you do what you have to do efficiently. Usually, a saboteur is a situation that you can manage yourself but frequently it’s not that easy. An example of a saboteur is procrastination.

Below you can see one of these illustrations (without coloring yet):

So, I am in a hurry ’cause I promisse him to finish this set of illustrations until tomorrow :-s!!!!! But I am appreciating the whole process and loving the draws (hahahahahaha). Today and tomorrow I will redesign some of them and finalizing the process by coloring and applying patterns in Photoshop :)!

I’d also like to tell you that I went to an art exhibition at Masp in the last weekend. It is about Spanish drawings, a collection from Mapfre. I was in love with the work of an artist named Rafael Barradas. I’ve never heard about him and first met him there in this exhibition. There was a serie of drawings named “Las aventuras del diablo“. I was so impressed about how his creations are contemporary! These drawings were about 1915-16 and resembled so much the modern comics… I took a note because I intend to research more about him!

Well, I’m finishing by now! I wish you a wonderful day sunny and full of joy!


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