Posted by: pakalil | July 30, 2008

Mikokeshis nurture dreams into reality

Who would guess that a fridge could be a teleportation device? Patrica never did until she found herself in Alaska surrounded by glaciers. Fifteen days later, there was news of Patricia on a Brazilian beach, alone, accompanied only by the silent large white kitchen appliance. But none of these mysterious journeys compares with the one we are going to read tonight. Patricia decided to open the fridge again, without having any “place” in mind to travel to. I bet you have never seen, heard or read about something dematerializing and being recreated in a dream. Have you? Today’s episode of transcribed mystery is about just that… what happens when fantastic home appliances are taken lightly!

When I stepped through the fridge I had nothing particular in mind, just a vague recollection of a dream. On the other side I found myself in front of a house on a gray sidewalk in a bustling city. I could hear car horns honking, see the thick layer of gray smog in the air, hear people chatting and children screaming. It was a chaotic city boiling under an incredible warm day. I would guess that the temperature was higher than 32 degrees Celsius. On the doormat of the house there was a newspaper. Looking down, I read the headline announcing “Mikokeshis nurture dreams into reality”. While the headline was unusual, more curious yet was the date on the newspaper, May 1st, 2021, and its masthead, Folha de Sao Paulo.

I was weak from my journey and needed to find a place to rest desperately. I did not know why I ended up in front of that house, what I was doing in Sao Paulo, but I had a odd feeling that I was expected. I knocked on the door and waited. A few minutes passed with no answer and no signs of life. I decided to try again. And again no one answered. Despite not knowing anything about my new “fridge mission”, the situation and the house felt very familiar. I had the uncontrollable impulse to open the door. I pushed it open a crack and peeked into the house…

I could feel the moisture of the forest on the tip of my nose, and recognize the aroma of different species, tropical flowers, delicate woodland wildflowers and the dry fragrance of desert roses. Oh nosy nose that by scent alone was spying inside a stranger’s home… The place smelled like a fantastic garden, full of life, a greenhouse in the middle of a smoggy and dirty metropolis. Before I realized, I was already in the living room and the door closed quietly behind me. Surrounding me was a magical garden surpassing everything my nose was able to guess.

The entire room was more vivid and beautiful than any I had ever seen before. Everything looked magical, dripping with color and twisted in improbable shapes. I walked towards a particularly splendid blossom and lent forward to bury my nose in its fragrance. Looking up, I saw giant painting in a gilded frame. I gazed straight into it and was surprised to see a girl looking back at me; she was equally astonished. As I approached the painting, the girl started walking. When I stopped, she stopped. I reached my hand forward to touch hers and saw that I was looking at myself in a mirror. A living painting of myself! For real! Looking at my hands, my arms, my legs I understood that I was a painting, a walking painting! I started crying of happiness, and my tears were blue like the sky.

Suddenly a door appeared; a door that was not there before. Muffled notes of a girl singing and giggling came from the closed room. The door opened slowly and revealed a girl with brushes in both hands, an apron covered in paint and surrounded by buckets of bright pigments. She looked at me and sweetly smiled. “I am Miki and it is my dream. I guess that I’ve painted you – hihi. I hope you enjoy my world!”, she said.

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